How To Make The Perfect Fluffy Dough

September 27, 2007

(Warning: VERY Long Post! Pics included!) 

Obviously, I’m getting more into cooking.. I blame it on Ramadan lol
But It’s a fun thing, at first, I would only make sweets (remember The Flake Cake Gangsta Story?)…
But starting Ramadan I started to get into the kitchen some more…
I’m starting to make things I never knew I could like lgaimat, veggie kebabs (coming soon), machboos diyay (also coming soon, just lemme get the hand of it first), and the occasional fatoush (but that’s always been easy, ordinary salad plus ground sumac, squeezed lemon, apple vinegar, olive oil and cut up fried bread)… So surprisingly, food is being the hotness these days lol

I’ve had a pretty good history with dough, making fa6ayer za3tar and cheese, and (of course) pizza.. but I’ve never made the dough myself, it was always my mom and I’d work with her later on with the fillings…

So after one of those light school days, when I didn’t have a lot of preparing to do, I got curious and searched through my mom’s cooking file and found a recipe for fluffy cotton-y dough and I tried it out.. and it ended up quite tasty! (not kick-Pizza-Hut’s-And-Other-Fa6ayer-Restaurants’-Asses tasty, but tasty enough lol) Here’re the ingrediants:

   * 3 Cups White flour
   * 8 Tablespoons Powdered Milk
   * 4 Tablespoons Sugar
   * ½ Cup of Veggie Oil
   * 1 ½ Cup Warm water (not boiling!)
   * 1 ½ Tablespoon Yeast
   * 2 Teaspoons Salt
   * 2 Tablespoons Yogurt
   * 1 Tablespoon Baking Powder

Just mix them all up (using a machine preferably), leaving the water for later… Add the water slowly till the dough gets thick enough, but when it starts sticking to the sides of the mixing bowl, slowly start adding some oil to get it off the sides… When you feel it’s mixed up really well, roll it up into a proper ball with your hands and put it in a bowl… Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic cover and let the yeast do its work…

After 1 or 2 hours, check on it and you’ll see that it’s puffed up and sexy lol then play around with it.. but before u do anything, let the oven heat.. and remember to spread some oil on the base of the oven pan that you’re going to use, and cover the worktop you’re going to work on with flour…

Here’re some of the things you can do to the dough other than the ordinary dough-related numnum:

* The Pizza Roll:
You know those swiss rolls that we’d put in our breakfast bags for school? something like this?:

Swiss Rolls

Well, you can do the same thing but have pizza fillings rather than jelly/jam lol and dough instead of cake.. Just spread the dough till it’s 1 or 1 ½ cm. thick… cover it with all the fillings you want (I usually stick to just tasty thick pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese), then roll it up… before you put it in the oven, beat one egg and spread it over the top of the Pizza Roll with a paint brush.. After it’s done in the oven (it’ll look sexy and golden and round lol)… and you can either make small ones to eat individually or you can let it cool for a few minutes before cutting it into nice slices.. you’ll get some tasty rolled up pizzas! woohoo!

* The Bee Hive:
Instead of making separate balls filled with cheese/beans/spinach/za3tar/whatever filling u want, you can make a whole beehive, all the balls with be stuck together and covered with sesame (if u want), and it’ll look very nice and not one piece will fall out of the plate :p
Just spread some oil on the base of the oven pan first, spread the dough on a flour covered table top and make it around 1 ½ cm. thick, use a glass to cut circles in the dough, put the filling that u want in the center of the circle, close it, and place it on the edge of the baking pan.. Keep making those circles, filling them and putting them really close next to each other in the baking pan.. after you’re done, spread a beaten egg on the top with a brush (the same thing u do to the pizza roll), then sprinkle sesame seeds all over the top… Here’s an example of what I made:

BeeHive... by: Swair

Now here’s an interesting turn of events.. you can turn the Bee Hive into a sweet platter… Use Kiri cheese as a filling and make the balls as usual, then cover them with beaten eggs, but don’t sprinkle sesame seeds, leave the top plain… this time, when it’s done and u pull it out of the baking pan, u can cover it with sheera (the syrup mentioned in the Lgaimat post), and sprinkle some ground nuts on top.. taadaaa!

* Rectangle Pizza:
This is the ordinary pizza but having a rectangle one instead of a round one makes it somewhat special.. and I just want to show off this pic (P.S. the cheese looks weird cos i used two types):

Rectable Pizza... by: Swair

* Croissants:
Make triangles out of the dough and put the filling of ur choice on the base of the triangle and roll the dough to make a croissant.. very simple ;D

And that conclude’s our show, “Swair’s Kitchen“! Enjoy your Lgaimat, Mu3ajanat and Fatoush!

*credits roll with some upbeat jazz music*



  1. Waiting for your fish dish.

  2. Oh holy WOW, Swair, I am SO impressed. Dough! That is so hard! And here you are getting all creative with DOUGH! You’re going to have the suitors chasing you and begging your father for your hand!

    Do you have any saying like ours – “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?”

  3. PS Elvis???? Heartbreak Hotel??? How totally cool!

  4. OMG! 7araaaaaaam! 7araaaam!!! Mashallah you overwon me, although am a great cook 😛 we gotta try those one time – how about a “plate swap”! 😛 LOL!

  5. ya36eech el3afya chef swair 🙂
    i really enjoy cooking and kitchen stuff
    bs my cook banned me from the kitchen claiming i make too much of a mess!!

  6. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! SWAIRAAAAAAAAA!! Ya36ich alf 3afia 7abibti… looks really yummy. Looks like ur future hubby is one lucky man *wiggle wiggle eyebrows* =P

  7. Ah! Cooking. I want to try the Pizza Roll. I can smell it.

  8. maashallaaaaaaa that looks good !! tslm eeeydch .. dont you do deliveries 😛 i dont do dough kelsh ma a3rf i always mess around :/

  9. waw although i love cooking, I never trust myself with dough.. that’s why I never try it.. I think i will try this one.. WIll let you know when I do!

  10. Nice post & ingredients.. I think I might try it myself. Thanks for your comment as well. cheers!

  11. a woman that can cook….
    are you after my heart ? :$

  12. […] and lots of food… I enjoyed meeting two bloggers in real life… I made a Caesar salad, a cheese bee-hive with sesame seeds on top and a pineapple cake… Can’t wait to hear reviews about the […]

  13. yea to many ingrediants i need to make dough with very few ingrediants lol soz 🙂

  14. r u out of your mind this recipie is oesome llllllllllllllllooooooooooooooollllllllllllll 🙂 : 0

  15. what type of yeast did you use? and what type/flavour of youghurt. Are you mixing the dry ingredients first? are you supposed to pour in the powered yeast into the mix? Thanks

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